πŸ’›πŸ§‘Thirst Trap & Yummy🧑 πŸ’›

So guys I’m back again with two more liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star’s Summer 2018 Collection and I’m literally gagging over these beautiful shades 😍.

The two shades I purchased were Thirst Trap which is a beige metallic champagne and Yummy which is a glittery burnt orange. Both sides retail for Β£16 each and can be purchased from Beauty Bat which is the ONLY UK retailer for Jeffree’s brand. Here are my swatches:As you can these shades are so beautiful and sparkly see my little video below and you’ll be in love with the lipsticks 😍:

Out of the two shades I think I’m more into Thirst Trap as it’s so beautiful and I don’t own any shades similar to it either. I feel like the formula for this collection has definitely changed and for the better in my opinion! The lipsticks feel more lightweight but still very pigmented and less drying on the lips!



πŸ’¦πŸ§‘Thirsty πŸ§‘πŸ’¦

Hey everyone as promised I’m back with well kind of a part 2 of Jeffree Stars summer collection.

However originally I was going to do one big haul review but I decided each product deserves their own post.

So what a better way to start with the main feature of the Summer 2019 Collection which is the Thirsty palette 😍.

The Thirsty palette retails at Β£45 and contains 15 shades with five of the shades being ultra metallics in a brand new formula.

First off I love the shade range in this palette as I feel there are some beautiful transition shades. I think the ultra metallic shades are simply stunning and I can’t wait to dig in and swatch these beauts 😍.

Here is my swatch:

As you can see this palette is absolutely blinding with pigment it’s so unreal!

However I’m always going to be honest with my reviews and I did find the textures of the ultra metallics shades really rough! When using my fingers I managed to pick up the pigment but when using a brush I don’t?!

The matte shades are super soft and just feel lush to apply so I really don’t have anything negative to say about them.

Overall I love the palette and the shades just scream summer and there is such a nice range of colours to play with so I’m sure you won’t be stuck creating eye looks with this palette!



πŸ‘Too Faced-Peach CollectionπŸ‘

It feels like a lifetime that I’ve waited for the Peach Collection to come to the UK and finally I got my hands on these scrumptious smelling beauty products.

As you can see I did have quite the splurge at Debenhams and I got the following;

  • Mattifying Setting Spray RRP Β£27
  • Peach Perfect setting powder RRP Β£20
  • Cooling Matte Primer RRP Β£27
  • Matte Liquid Foundation RRP Β£27

So as you can see I had quite the haul πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ‘!

I was so excited to open these beauties up and I started applying the primer first. The primer smelt delicious and exactly how peaches & cream should be plus it gave my face a nice refreshing cooling feel.

I felt the primer took quite a while to dry down and although my skin felt like velvet it still had a slight tacky feel to it.

Next up I applied the foundation which equally smelt just as delicious and I personally found that a little went a long way but I did notice the foundation was oxidised pretty quickly which left me a tad orange πŸ™„.

I applied the setting powder and I felt it really helped mattify my makeup as well as accompanying it with the setting spray.

Anyway here is my overall look using Too Faced Peach Collection:

As you can see my face looks very matte and i was pleasantly surprised but I have to be honest it left my skin feeling quite dry. As I’m someone who suffers with oily skin it did keep it at bay for about 7 hours which isn’t too bad at all.

However the next day I broke out in acne which I never get so I’m not sure if it was caused by the change of makeup or something else πŸ€”.

Overall I’m on the fence about whether I would recommend the Peach collection as a whole but I feel like only some products actually stood out for me. But I’m willing to give Collection another go to see if I end up getting the same results!



🧑 Jeffree Star- Summer 2018 Collection Pt.1 πŸ§‘

Ok guys I’m pretty sure majority of the makeup community was shook when Jeffree Star unveiled his Summer 2018 Collection!

Well perhaps I’m speaking for myself and I literally died inside when I saw it as it’s been such a long time since I’ve been excited for a product launch. I actually purchased a few bits from the Summer 2018 Collection but I’m currently still waiting for it to arrive in this country as I got it from Beautylish.

Anyway much to my surprise Beautybay (which is the only official uk stockist for Jeffree Star Cosmetics) managed to get the whole collection pretty dammm fast and I was able to pick up two more lipstick shades.

The shades I purchased was Cherry Wet (on the left) and Coral Fixation (on the right). Both shades retail at Β£16 per lipstick which I have always found is quite a reasonable price.

Before I go ahead and show you the swatches I just want to express how much I love the outer packaging! The packaging to me just screams summer with the gorgeous orange theme throughout the collection as well as the water drop textures on the box it’s so pretty!

Here is my swatch:

I cannot express how insanely bright these shades are! They defiantly will pack a punch to any makeup look, they are so pigmented and I cannot believe this was only with one swipe.

I really feel like the formula is different as the lipsticks felt less dry and appeared to have a lot more pigment then usual as with some bright shades you tend to have to go in a couple of times in order to get an even colour.

So far I’m living for this collection and I cannot wait until I get my other bits so keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of the Jeffree Star Summer 2018 Collection πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ§‘.



πŸ’“ Nudie Patootie πŸ’“

Hey guys I’m back again and today I’m reviewing Laura Lee’s new palette Nudie Patootie 😍.

I’m so excited to get my hands on this little beaut as these shades are so my colours, the palette retails for Β£38 and still can be purchased on Beauty Bay.

I’m pleasantly surprised by how big the palette is plus it feels nice and sturdy.

The palette contains 14 eyeshadows and offers an extensive range of mattes, shimmers and foil shades. What I already love about the palette is that you have such a nice variety for shades to go for a stunning day look or a daring night look.

Here is my swatch:

Ok I don’t know where to start with the swatches πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. I think it’s fair to say that majority of the mattes performed however I did find that the lighter shades weren’t that pigmented and I had to go in a couple of times for the swatch.

Although I can’t express how stunning the metal foils are! They are extremely pigmented and I personally found you got more of a better pay off by applying the foils with your fingers rather then using a brush.

Overall I defiantly would recommend this palette as it contains some stunning versatile shades and formulas.




It’s been such a long while since I’ve purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics and this was due to the fact that I really felt the Weather Collection was such a let down.

However I did decide to buy one lipstick from the Kylie X Kourt collaboration but I’m going to be honest I felt the mini eyeshadow palettes were way too similar shades to Kylie’s other palettes.

Anyway I purchased the shade Minnie which retails at $16 but unfortunately it’s sold out. However you can look on places like eBay or depop for people selling the collection but please make sure them items you are purchasing are AUTHENTIC you can make sure by always asking for proof of purchase!

The shade Minnie is a warm deep pink shade and looks so nice I couldn’t wait to swatch it 😍.

Ok I love this shade so much 😍. I’ve always said Kylie has nailed it with her velvet formula and I’m so glad the shade Minnie is a velvet! I feel like if Kylie done more velvet shades I defiantly would be more interested in her brand and I would love to see a whole nude range in this formula!

If you keep up with Kylie Cosmetics you’ll have seen a little sneak peak of her summer range which so far includes a red eyeshadow palette. I’m intrigued to see what the rest of the collection consists of and if we’ll be getting more nude toned velvets 😍.



Huda Beauty: Remastered Rose Gold Palette πŸŒΉ

Hey guys I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post but I’m back after celebrating my 24th birthday and what a better way to comeback as I’m so excited to be able to review the remastered Rose Gold palette by Huda Beauty 😍.

As we all know the original Rose Gold palette has been around for a while and it was the palette that really got Huda’s brand noticed. I never actually owned the original palette as it was something I did want but I just didn’t get round to purchasing it.

Anyway the remastered palette retails at Β£56 which in my opinion is pretty pricey (I was gifted this as a birthday present) and I personally don’t think I could justify this amount of money for one palette.

First look at the palette I think it’s so beautiful and the outer packaging is so sturdy. The palette also contains a mirror and includes 12 breathtaking shades that range from mattes to metal fondants 😍.

Anyway here is my swatch:

I cannot express how insanely pigmented the metal fondants are 😱! Literally they have the most buttery feel to them and you only need to go in VERY lightly with your finger as the pigment pay off is incredible.

I personally find applying the shimmer shades with your fingers compared to using a brush will give you a much better finish if you really want to amplify your eye look!

Next up are the matte shades and I can see a massive improvement in the formula compared to the Desert Dusk palette. The matte shades have a lovely smooth velvet feel and they are so much more pigmented!

I defiantly recommend this palette to anyone who doesn’t own it as it has such a stunning shade range and the formula is bang on.

However my only gripe is that although I didn’t have the original palette I feel like I can’t really compare it. But if I did own it I would be pretty pissed that after spending Β£56 on the original for Huda to just remaster it so I can see why some consumers are annoyed.