It’s been such a long while since I’ve purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics and this was due to the fact that I really felt the Weather Collection was such a let down.

However I did decide to buy one lipstick from the Kylie X Kourt collaboration but I’m going to be honest I felt the mini eyeshadow palettes were way too similar shades to Kylie’s other palettes.

Anyway I purchased the shade Minnie which retails at $16 but unfortunately it’s sold out. However you can look on places like eBay or depop for people selling the collection but please make sure them items you are purchasing are AUTHENTIC you can make sure by always asking for proof of purchase!

The shade Minnie is a warm deep pink shade and looks so nice I couldn’t wait to swatch it 😍.

Ok I love this shade so much 😍. I’ve always said Kylie has nailed it with her velvet formula and I’m so glad the shade Minnie is a velvet! I feel like if Kylie done more velvet shades I defiantly would be more interested in her brand and I would love to see a whole nude range in this formula!

If you keep up with Kylie Cosmetics you’ll have seen a little sneak peak of her summer range which so far includes a red eyeshadow palette. I’m intrigued to see what the rest of the collection consists of and if we’ll be getting more nude toned velvets 😍.



Huda Beauty: Remastered Rose Gold Palette πŸŒΉ

Hey guys I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post but I’m back after celebrating my 24th birthday and what a better way to comeback as I’m so excited to be able to review the remastered Rose Gold palette by Huda Beauty 😍.

As we all know the original Rose Gold palette has been around for a while and it was the palette that really got Huda’s brand noticed. I never actually owned the original palette as it was something I did want but I just didn’t get round to purchasing it.

Anyway the remastered palette retails at Β£56 which in my opinion is pretty pricey (I was gifted this as a birthday present) and I personally don’t think I could justify this amount of money for one palette.

First look at the palette I think it’s so beautiful and the outer packaging is so sturdy. The palette also contains a mirror and includes 12 breathtaking shades that range from mattes to metal fondants 😍.

Anyway here is my swatch:

I cannot express how insanely pigmented the metal fondants are 😱! Literally they have the most buttery feel to them and you only need to go in VERY lightly with your finger as the pigment pay off is incredible.

I personally find applying the shimmer shades with your fingers compared to using a brush will give you a much better finish if you really want to amplify your eye look!

Next up are the matte shades and I can see a massive improvement in the formula compared to the Desert Dusk palette. The matte shades have a lovely smooth velvet feel and they are so much more pigmented!

I defiantly recommend this palette to anyone who doesn’t own it as it has such a stunning shade range and the formula is bang on.

However my only gripe is that although I didn’t have the original palette I feel like I can’t really compare it. But if I did own it I would be pretty pissed that after spending Β£56 on the original for Huda to just remaster it so I can see why some consumers are annoyed.



πŸ’‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ My Hair Transformation πŸ’‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

As majority of you all know I wear hair extensions and last week I decided that now we are in a new season it’s time to have a colour change πŸ˜‚.

After attempting to lighten my ends myself four months ago I literally ended up with the most gross shade of orange so I managed to get it fixed and my hair ended up with dark roots and light brown ends.

Here is how my hair looked before (with the extensions):

Just a quick disclaimer my hair isn’t this naturally curly but I styled my hair using the chopstick styler by Lee Stafford which is amazing (I’ve done a review on this yonks ago so if you would like to give it a read just use my search bar on my page to find it 😘).

So I got my hair coloured on Sunday but although I wanted to go lighter I didn’t want such a harsh line when it came to refreshing my ombrΓ©.

So my lovely hairdresser blended it absolutely beautifully, after a hour and a half my hair was finished! Here is the final look;

I’m absolutely thrilled with the final result I love my hair 😍. I love the mixed of blonde and caramel tones in my hair I think the overall finish is stunning!

I’m getting my hair extensions back in Thursday and I’m so excited to see the overall look, I’m so ready for summer now πŸ˜‚!



✨ Loose Pigment Powder βœ¨

I was scrolling through eBay the other day when I came across some loose pigment powder for Β£3.99. After seeing the different shades and how pigmented they were I couldn’t resist trying one. I ordered the shade Museum Bronze which the name speaks for itself as it’s a nice shiny bronze.

The pigment powder literally arrived the next day and it looked so sparkly in the pot 😍!

However as this was purchased so cheap and I’m not sure what is exactly in the powder I really don’t recommend applying this straight to your eyes until you’ve done a 24hr patch test to ensure you won’t get any horrible reactions!

Anyway here is my swatch:

As you can see Museum Bronze is super pigmented and I can’t believe this was just with one swipe!

You’ll probably recognise the next photo as it recently featured on my Magic Cut Crease Stamp review but I just want to show you guys what the loose powder looked like on my actual eyes:

The loose powder didn’t disappoint and applied really well but I did use setting spray on my brush just to help the product stay on my eyelids.

I found the loose powder lasted quite a long time and it didn’t crease or crumble.

Although do expect fallout when you apply the powder as I did end up with quite a sparkly face afterwards πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. Obviously this can be avoided by taking less product on the brush as a little really does go a long way!

Overall I really recommend the loose pigment powder as from a price point the product worked brilliantly. I loved the shade Museum Bronze as I’m obsessed with gold/bronze colours. I’m defiantly going to purchase more shades so keep your eyes peeled πŸ‘€ for my next review 😘.



Makeup Masterclass by LancΓ΄me πŸ˜πŸ’™

Today I attended a makeup masterclass by LancΓ΄me in Boots at Norwich. The lovely Marek Hegli lead the masterclass and his skills/tips were absolutely flawless.

Being as we are in the summer season now Marek showed us how to create a natural look with minimal makeup.

Here are all the products he used for the tutorial:

One thing that immediately stood out for me was a common mistake we all make when it comes to our skincare routine. I know I’m not the first person to admit that when applying day or night cream I presume it’s protecting the under eye too but it’s not!

Marek informed us that the skin under the eye is so thin and the best thing to do is to use an eye serum which literally is going to be my next investment.

Watching Marek apply makeup so effortlessly made me feel like such an amateur πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I’ve learnt so many new things today and I can’t wait to dedicate a post to show you guys how I’ve changed some things up to my routine.

One product which I did purchase myself was the primer as it felt so silky and I knew it would be the perfect base for any makeup I would apply on my face.

After the event I received such a cute little goodie bag from LancΓ΄me and I’m so impressed with the bits inside, I can’t wait to use them.

Overall I had such a lovely day and I can’t wait for another makeup masterclass in the late summer. I’ve gone away with so much more knowledge then I’ve ever had before and I can’t wait to alter my routine 😍.



✨The Magic Cut Crease Stamp βœ¨

I’ve been so excited to review and try the magic cut crease stamp after seeing Manny MUA’s YouTube review. After seeing the results I knew I needed to get on this hype and try one!

I picked my stamp up from EBay and it was Β£3.89. However a quick disclaimer this item is a fake of what was an original idea from a company in Brazil (Manny also states this on his channel).

The stamp is a pretty decent size and seems well made as I’ve seen some reviews where the stamp has broken but mine seems fine. The rubber oval size of the stamp fitted my eyes really well so I couldn’t wait to get cracking on trying the stamp out.

First off you need to apply a thin layer of concealer on the oval stamp once this is done press it onto your eyelid and roughly hold it for 10-15 seconds.

Once the time is up you should now have the basis for your cut crease look.

Before you add your chosen colour to the stamp make sure you clean any residue left from the concealer. After you’ve packed the eyeshadow on the stamp repeat the same steps as you did with the concealer and viola you should have a beautiful eye look.

Here is my result:

I think my overall eye look is quite pretty but it defiantly isn’t the best example of a cut crease. I can’t fault the stamp as it worked really well and it performed exactly how it should. However I think it’s more of a trial and error product so I need keep practising.

I defiantly recommend this stamp as it does what it says and it’s so cheap! I think the whole idea of the cut crease stamp is brilliant and innovative, I’m sure this product will be flying off the market in no time.



πŸ’™ KKW x Mario πŸ’™

I finally received my KKW Beauty order and it literally feels like it’s been a lifetime πŸ˜‚. I was so excited when Kim Kardashian announced she collaborated with Mario to celebrate their ten years of friendship and the collection looked so stunning!

The collection consisted of:

  • A 10 pan eyeshadow palette RRP $45
  • A creme lipstick RRP $20
  • Two glosses RRP $18 each

I ended up purchasing the whole bundle which was only $85 but was worth $101 which is a pretty good deal to be fair.

I don’t know which product to start off with so I think I’m going to start with my favourite which is the eyeshadow palette.

Firstly I think the packaging is really boring and I feel like more thought could’ve been made when designing the other packaging as it doesn’t really stand out at all.

However I think the 10 shades in the palette are so pretty and really represent Kim as they are colours she would actually wear. I really appreciate the blue shade in the palette too as it really stands out from the neutral shades.

Here is my swatch:

I cannot express how shocked I am over the quality of the eyeshadows! The feel so buttery and they have the most insane pigment, I’m shook! I really didn’t expect the eyeshadow palette to be good as there was so much hype surrounding Kim and Mario’s collaboration.

Next up is the creme lipstick which is called Classic K and it’s soft peach with a beige undertone.

I’m going to be honest I’m not overly impressed with the size of the lipstick as for $20 I would expect way more product.

Anyway here is my swatch:

I really love this lipstick and I’m obsessed with the formula as it’s creamy and has such a lovely satin finish.

Last but not least is the two lip glosses which are called Juicy and Super Nude.

Juicy is a natural sheer peach with a subtle pink pearl and Super Nude is a pale sheer nude with a gold pearl.

I love the shade Juicy as it looks amazing on top of the Classic K lipstick. However I’m not a huge lover of the shade Super Nude as I already have similar lip glosses and just feel the shade is a bit boring.

The formula was really pigmented but I found the lip gloss was overly sticky and it wasn’t really enjoyable to wear it. However I think if I had put a lighter layer on I could’ve avoided this.

Overall I love the KKW X Mario collaboration as the eyeshadow palette is simply stunning! However I feel neutral about the lip products as the lipstick was gorgeous but I was disappointed in the amount of product and the lip glosses didn’t really wow me.