Keeping Up With Kylie

I thought this morning I would kick start my blog off with by reviewing a lipstick that sold out in 30 seconds…. That’s right I’m talking about the infamous Kylie Jenner’s Lipkit.

I managed to get my hands on Dolce and True Brown K costing me $29 each ( £20.93 GBP). Some might think that is pricey but I buy a lot of MAC lipsticks so what is an extra £5?

Excuse the rough selfie but I had just come home from a 12.5 hour night shift and I was so eager to try this lipstick out!

This shade is called Dolce K and is by far my favorite out of the three, the colour is gorgeous and smells like candy 😍. I found this product lasted for majority of the day, but it did dry out my lips.

True Brown



When I tried out True Brown I decided instead of going for the matte effect I would apply a lip balm to avoid my lips from drying out.  I found by applying lip balm had made the lipstick last longer but I think I noticed it fading more as it’s a lot darker shade compared to Dolce.

Although what did impress me about True Brown was that there aren’t a lot of shades like this out in the market. However I have found a pretty good dupe of this shade that literally costs the fraction of the price.

This lipstick is made by Stargazer Cosmetics in shade 129 and only costs £3.50! I was super pleased when I came across this lipstick and it’s pretty good considering it’s so cheap!

On top is Kylie’s True Brown  and on bottom is Stargazer’s shade 129

As you can see the Stargazer’s lipstick is a tad darker then Kylie’s but I still think this is a pretty good dupe. Grab this lipstick and i’m sure you won’t be disappointed :).




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