Pandora <3

Another obsession I have is jewelry and just before Christmas I started to get into Pandora 😍. My first bracelet had a beautiful rose gold clasp and charms that matched to go with it! I have finally completed my first bracelet and now I am onto my second, I decided to go for a silver diamante clasp which is a new release as part of Pandora’s valentines collection.


After filling my first bracelet up i’m not in a rush to fill my second, so instead I have put all my focus into purchasing rings which are so lush!

Here’s my collection so far:


Whilst scrolling through Facebook I saw an ad pop-up which featured a company called Soufeel that allows you to make your own personalized photo charm for Β£15. After a week and a half my charm arrived and i’m absolutely thrilled with it πŸ™‚ Now my dad is always with me, I just need one of my mum now ❀

This is a photo of me and my dad at my brother’s wedding ❀




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