Getting Lippy πŸ‘„

I love Christian Louboutin he is one of my all time favorite designers, i’m particularly obsessed with his make up range. I became intrigued after seeing his unique idea of a lipstick that can be also worn as a necklace so I had to have one 😍! I chose the shade Sevillana from the silky satin range which cost meΒ Β£60 which is a bit of a spurge but needs must!

As you can see the box is gorgeous and features his trademark colour red inside, this lipstick is surprisingly quite heavy and the overall feel is luxurious.

Sevillana is a deep berry colour and the finish on the lips is stunning and I was so impressed that the lipstick lasted all day. However as much as I loved the lipstick it won’t be used on a daily basis because it was quite pricey so instead it’ll only be worn on special occasions. I’m defiantly looking to buy another shade soon but this time from the matte collection.




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