Saturday Shopping Spree :P

This weekend my sister who now lives in Kent has come back down for a few days, so we decided to go out shopping :).


We started off at Emzo’s which is the most beautiful little vintage themed shop, you can literally find the cutest items in there! They even have a little cafe which serves such nice food and i’m planning on taking my mum back there for her birthday ❤

Afterwards we went to a shop that stocks Steiff bears and they have now released a Disney collection ❤  I couldn’t resist Daisy Duck (even though she was £150 :S ) so I have had her ordered in especially for me and she should hopefully arrive in Easter :).

Next off we went to our local town to do a bit more shopping and I was super chuffed that I managed to get Disney’s Frozen and Brave for £13 and Pan for £11 :).

As we all know it’s Valentines Day tomorrow and this year yet again i’ll be spending it on my own so my sweet mumma brought me these cute little roses ❤






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