The Aurora Band

I’m always up for trying anything that doesn’t use heat on the hair and recently I came across the Aurora Band on Facebook. The roller is designed to be used at night time on damp hair and by morning it’s promised to give you luscious locks 😍.

Retailing at £12.99 I was more then happy to  purchase one of these, I found wrapping the hair around the band super easy and what is even better it was EXTREMELY comfy to sleep on too 😝!

The next test was unwrapping my hair from the aurora band, I found this part quite difficult but once I got the hang of it wasn’t too bad. Before viewing the results below the product stated it should be used on damp hair but mine was fully dry when I used the band.

Ta daa here are the results considering I used the band on dry hair I am pleasantly surprised at how well it worked for me :). Overall I would defiantly recommend the band as it’s great to wear overnight and by the next morning you have perfectly done hair in no time whatsoever :)!




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