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2016 πŸ’•

So far this year is already starting to become better then 2015 which I couldn’t imagine as last year started off on a bad note but ended on a complete high 😜!  At the start of 2015 within a month I had lost my job, became single and had a horrible health scare 😦 I would’ve never imagined at that time how epic my life would soon become! 

In the months leading up to May my parents were a huge support and I can’t tell you guys enough how lucky I am to have them πŸ’•. They built me up and made me who I am today  πŸ’œ!  
In the last week of May I managed to get my dream job as a carer for the elderly , passed my driving test and was shortly hitting a milestone in my life by turning 21 :)! 

Dad & Me
Me & Mumma
 This year while I won’t be hitting a lot of milestones I am getting out more and I have some great things planned already! I’m seeing Jess Glynne at Newmarket in August, possibly off to Malta in June and last of all I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS in Ocotber πŸ˜†!
If I could give any advice I think this quote below would sum up this post πŸ’• 




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