Bicester Village 

Happy Good Friday everyone :)! It’s certainly been a good one for me today as I went to Bicester village in Oxford.    

 The designer outlet was fantastic and I will admit I may have spent way too much money today but hey life is way  too short for regrets 😏✌🏼.  My favourite shop had to be Vivienne Westwood’s as I love her designs she is so quirky. I treated myself to one of her necklaces which costed me a hefty £103 but it’s so pretty😍. You wouldn’t believe how heavy it is !


   The Pandora outlet was pretty good but me and my sister had to queue for half an hour to get in and the shop was so small and crowded 😳.  The bracelet was £55, the floral ring was £30 and the star ring was £20 so I think overall the whole shop was pretty cheap considering I would’ve paid double for the rings in the normal shops!




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