Cocowhite Results 😍

So about a month ago I wrote a post about a product called Cocowhite which is a natural oil pulling teeth whitener. There’s been a drastic change in the appearance of my teeth πŸ˜†: 


Day 1:

After the first use I immediately noticed my teeth looked much brighter  :). 
 Day 7:

So I wanted  show you guys the drastic change from the first day I used this product to a few days down the line!  

So now you guys have a bit of an idea how this product has worked for me, here is how it looks now a month later!

I can’t believe the change in my teeth just by using the whitener daily. I can’t recommend this product enough, it’s a bit costly at Β£24.99 for 14 sachets but if you keep your eyes peeled this product does come on offer quite a lot. I started off with the vanilla flavour and after I finished I changed to the fresh mint as I found the vanilla was too sickly for me and I kept feeling sick afterwards 😳. 





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