MoYou London πŸ’•

Ok I think I may have found what every nail art lover needs in their life and it’s a brand called MoYou London. I’m literally so obsessed as I came across MoYou on Instagram when I saw a really cool nail art tutorial, little did I know these ultra cool designs were so easy to do. So I went ahead and brought the stamper and three plates just to sample them out as I didn’t want to go too mad on my first haul πŸ˜†. 

I brought the nail lacquers that should be used specificly for the stamper and plates. After a lot of trial and error I’m absolutely thrilled with the results, I’ve ordered some new plates 😍.

I know the designs look pretty scruffy but this was a quick sample to show you guys what the product is capable of. I can’t recommend MoYou enough, I’ll be posting up some neater nail art soon πŸ˜†.




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