BedHead Beauty 😘

So usually I post a lot of makeup related stuff but I’m also so into my hair and I love trying new bits out 😍. Anyway as you all know I’ve recently had my extensions re-done and my hairdresser recommended that I used Tigi bed head shampoo. I last used this brand a few years ago when I did work experience at a hairdressers, but now I have re-found my love for Tigi 😍.

The shampoo & conditioner really nourishes my hair and keeps my extensions so smooth, as with extensions most shampoos & conditioners can be really damaging. I’ve always been a fan of the masterpiece hairspray as it smells delicious and does provide the hair great shine. However, if you want your hair to last all day/night then I’m afraid this hairspray doesn’t have a great hold and I noticed my hair became limb after an hour. I’m not sure what brand this argan oil is as my hairdresser bought this for me but I will admit I’m so impressed as this serum provides multiple benefits and doesn’t make my hair looks greasy πŸ˜†.




3 thoughts on “BedHead Beauty 😘

  1. This is a great post. I’m currently trying out new shampoos and conditioners so that I can find the right one for me. My hair needs some help!

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