Dose Of Colors Pt.2 πŸ˜

Recently Dose Of Colors celebrated their 3 year  anniversary and offered 20% off their entire site! I managed to pick three matte lipsticks in the shade Bare With Me, Stone and Truffle. I’m so happy with the colours they are truly gorgeous 😍.

Here are the swatches below( I will get round to wearing them out but I’m so busy this week 😫)

(top-bottom) Stone,Truffle and Bare With Me




8 thoughts on “Dose Of Colors Pt.2 πŸ˜

      1. I love them I’ve got two more popular shades one was called cork and I can’t remember the other one but I blogged about them a while back :)! They are lush I can’t wait to wear them out 😍

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      2. If your from England there is a great website called Beauty Bay that stocks these American makeup brands and what is even better your not charged a silly amount for delivery πŸ˜† X


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