Too Faced Sweetheart Dupe πŸ˜†

So today I was randomly browsing around Superdrug which is very uncommon for me as normally I know what I need so I’m in and out in a second but I found a perfect dupe! As you all know I’ve been quite interested in Too Faced products and I recently came across the sweetheart blusher retailing for Β£24 which is pretty pricey but Kylie Jenner really bigged it up on snapchat so I knew I needed it! 

So anyway back on my Superdrug trip I came across a makeup stand called Makeup Revolution which no lie is a carbon copy of the Too Faced eyeshadow palettes and the sweetheart blusher for a fraction of the price! 

Check it out:

I literally can’t get over this dupe and I’m so pleased with myself πŸ˜‚! What I love about this blusher is that it’s only Β£4.99 saving you almost Β£20 which is great when your on a beauty budget! 




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