Kylie’s Cream Shadows πŸ‘€

In my recent posts I’ve been reviewing Kylie’s birthday edition collection! Today I’ve finally got round to swatching my cream eyeshadows😍! The cream shadows come in Copper and Rose Gold:

Rose Gold

Originally my favourite was the Cooper cream shadow but now I’ve got the Rose Gold I think I’m swaying more to this shade, here is the Rose Gold swatch below:

I literally can’t fault the quality of the cream eyeshadows they literally last all day without smudging or creasing!

Next up is the cream eyeshadow in Copper:

I’ve been wearing this shade quite a lot recently as I’ve only just managed to get my hands on the Rose Gold! Check out my beautiful swatch of the Copper cream shadow 😍:


I think I’ve almost finished reviewing what I bought from Kylie’s birthday collection, my last swatch will be the metal matte called Lord so keep your eyes open πŸ‘€! 




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