Coco Loco Long Tong- Review πŸ’•

As I previously stated in my last post I treated myself to Lee Stafford’s new Coco Loco long hair tongs and my word they certainly live up to their name they’re the longest tongs I’ve ever seen πŸ˜‚!

I literally can’t rave about these tongs enough and they heat up to 200‒с Β which I think is more then enough for the hair! Another great factor about these tongs as they’re are so long compared to your average curler it’s easier Β  for people with longer hair to get the full curl.I’m really kicking myself as I should’ve taken a photo of my hair after using the tongs to show you guys literally how beaut they made my hair πŸ˜“! But I’ve taken a photo the day after and you can still see some effect from the tongs!

I’ve been so impressed with the Coco Loco range that I’ve actually bought myself the hair straighteners which are literally amazing and I’ll be posting shortly about them :)!




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