Gold Obsession :O

As we’re approaching the Fall season the metallic shades are coming in and L’Oreal have just released a new lipstick range called Gold Obsession. The packaging is absolutely stunning and it looks so elegant! The lipsticks retail at £6.99 and are currently on offer for 3 for 2 at Superdrug so grab them whilst you can!


I manged to get my hands on the following shades:

  • Pure Gold– This photo doesn’t do the shade any justice, it’s so gold and sparkly it’s my favorite out of all the shades!


  • Nude Gold- This a beautiful nude shade which has gold pigments in and it’s less intense then Pure Gold.


  • Plum Gold- This shade is the go to color for the fall season, I love the deep plum shade but this one has a lot less sparkle to it compared to the other two shades I swatched.


I love the whole concept of the gold lipsticks that L’Oreal have created but every brand has their faults and with this range I found that the lipstick didn’t sit well on the lips and I had to apply multiple layers in order to create a bold color!





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