Birchbox: September Edition

So I’ve finally taken the plunge to order my first beauty box and after scouting the internet and various blogs I chose the Birchbox. The Birchbox is Β£10 but including postage it would end up being Β£12.95 monthly, I also got a free box as part of their September promotion for new subscribers.

I don’t want to grumble already but this company took ages to deliver my boxes but this could’ve been because it was a popular promotion!

Anyway here is what I received:

  • September Birchbox

So here is what I received in this months Birchbox, I can’t say I’m overly thrilled with the products but I’m always game to try new things! I received a little booklet which described what and how to use the products I received so to save me typing it all up check out the photo below:

  • *FREE BOX* June Birchbox

Now this box was free as part of September’s promotion but I actually preferred this one to the one I paid for! I love hair masks and the face scrub smells delicious I can’t wait to use it! Check out what each product does and how to use it below:

I don’t really know yet if I like the Birchbox but this has only been my first time receiving one so I’m going to see what October’s is like before I cancel my subscription.




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