My New Beauty Fix 💕👌🏼 

Ok so I’m really kicking myself as I’ve only just discovered the great benefits of coconut oil 😍! I’ve used the cocowhite teeth whitener which is pretty much coconut oil but I’ve never used it on my skin or hair and I’m delighted with the outcome! 

I purchased two 125ml tubs of coconut oil as they were on offer at Superdrug (click the link to take you there) costing me £4 which to me is a pretty good bargain.

I used the oil last night as a moisturiser and my word my skin feels like silk 😍. I even applied it to my hair as an overnight mask and it has left my hair extensions and it feels in such top condition now I’m so impressed and I’m still kicking myself for not discovering this little beauty until now! 

Does any of my readers use coconut oil and what for, I would love to hear your beauty tricks :)!


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