The Aurora Band Part 2 👌🏼

I first blogged about the Aurora band back in February this year (which can be seen on this link Aurora Band) and I haven’t actually used it since as I got so so results, this poor band has now been living in m drawer for months now! Today I decided to give the band another go as there has been a lot of hype again about it and I’m all for not using heat on my hair!

What I don’t understand about this band is that when I watch people applying this to their hair it looks so easy! It took me about 15 minutes to kind of get some sort of technique with this band.  Before I post the results in the morning please bear in mind the band should ideally be used on damp hair but I’ve left mine completely dry so whether it affects the results we shall see in the morning. When I first reviewed this product I made the mistake of having dry hair (you’d think I’d learn my lesson) but I’m going to put it down to me having a really bad weave at the time, now I’ve got the best hair so hopefully I’ll get some great results!





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