Weirdo πŸ‘„

After Halloween I’ve really gotten into dark shades of lipstick which is perfect as we’re in the fall season now! As I stated in my last post I’ve purchased several shades from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and the newest color to the collection is Weirdo which is an intense black.

What I love so much about this shade is that immediately the colour is so intense and it’s not patchy which Β you can get with darker shades! Check out my swatch:

This is only one layer of Weirdo and as you can see it’s such a bold colour, here is a close up of my of weirdo:





4 thoughts on “Weirdo πŸ‘„

  1. I have always wanted to buy a black liquid lipstick! Have you ever tried Kat Vond’s liquid lipsticks? If you have do you think Jefreestars is better? I never even use normal lipsticks anymore after discovering the liquid formulas!
    BTW would love if you checked out my blog:)

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    1. I’ve only tried one shade from Kat Von d range it was good but I’m afraid my heart lies with Jeffree I haven’t had one problem with his lipsticks and they are affordable too! Of course I’ll check it out I’m just waiting to get Kylie’s new lipstick collection πŸ˜‚ xx

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