Kit Napper 😊

In the past I’ve posted about various Younique products and I kept seeing a presenter advertise the kit for Β£69 which has Β£175 and over worth of products in. I decided to take the plunge which also automatically makes me a Younique presenter now too. Β You don’t have to do anything when you’re a presenter if you just want the kit it’s yours for Β£69, hassle free!

I absolutely love the packaging it’s fabulous and the travel case is huge and so sturdy! Now let’s get into what’s in the kit 😍:

As you can see you defiantly get your money worth! I’ve swatched a few of the products:

  • Splash Lipstick- Sentimental

  • Splurge- Extravagant


  • Moodstruck Addiction palette- No. 4

Overall I would rate this kit 10/10 ! Who wouldn’t want all this makeup at such a low price. Another product i would highly recommend from Younique is the 3D Fiber Mascara it’s incredible and really gives you a false lash effect without the hassle!




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