Jeffree Star Lippie Haul Part.2

I’ve finally gotten round to posting on here about part.2 of my Jeffree lipstick haul 😍 I’m totally obsessed with Jeffree Star at the moment (you’ll probably have already figured that out as I’ve been posting non stop πŸ˜‚) and I find his lipstick are bloody brilliant! Β Here are my new babies:

As you can see I’ve got a skin frost as well but I’ll be revealing that little beauty shortly as it’s so fabulous it deserves its on post :). Anyway back onto the lipsticks, I’m totally happy with my new shades but I will warn you guys masochist is an absolute bugger to get off. Here are the shades I got in my last order:

  • I’m Nude- The name of this lipstick pretty much gives the shade away. This is Jeffree’s lightest nude and it’s perfect for everyday or perhaps if you’re trying to create an understated look. I do like the colour but personally for me I just felt it looked too light on me .

  • Mannequin- I love love this shade! Jeffeee himself wears this quite a lot in his YouTube videos and I can totally see why as this shade literally goes with everything! I prefer this to I’m Nude as this shade is more of a slight pink Nude which I much prefer.

  • Massochist- This shade is so intense as it’s a bright pink and it’s incredibly pigmented! As it’s vibrant, like I stated above it’s an absolute bugger to remove. I swatched this shade on my hand and no joke it took 5 days to wash off 😳 plus I had very pink lips for the next few days too! I do like this shade but it’s not one of my favorites in his collection.

  • Blue Velvet- This shade is absolutely stunning it’s a gorgeous royal blue colour and I’m so impressed with the formula. It’s very pigmented and doesn’t streak at all, one coat was plenty!

Overall out of my recent Jeffree Star Lippie haul I would have to say my favorite shades are Mannequin and Blue Velvet. I do like the other two shades but they aren’t going on be first lipsticks I grab out my makeup drawer.

Stay tuned as I’m going to be revealing my new skin frost i recently purchased 😍.




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