Cohorted-November Edition 😍

Finally we are coming up to the middle of November now and I’m so excited my cohorted beauty box arrived today :). I’m so happy with this months products but for me my only disappointment is that I would’ve preferred the Laura Mercier primer as it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for ages!

November’s box has a value of Β£98.85 worth of products which is insane when your only buying this for Β£35 per month I’m totally obsessed with this beauty box 😍.

Anyway here is what I received:

  • Cargo Cosmetics Around The World eye shadow palette– I love love love this eye-shadow palette I’m all for neutral shades and this palette caters for all my needs πŸ˜‚. I’ve never tried any products from Cargo Cosmetics before and I’m so excited to get playing with this beauty πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌ.

  • Dr PawPaw OriginalΒ Balm– this Balm is incredible as it’s got multiple as it can be used for your hair , nails, skin and lips! Β So far I’ve used this product on my lips and I’m impressed it instantly made my lips feel hydrated and soft. Another nice factor about this Balm is its fragrant free so don’t expect any over powering smells!
  • Evolve Beauty Hydroluronic Acid Serum 200-Β this serum is used to hydrate and plump up fine lines and wrinkles. I haven’t tried this product out yet so I can’t really give a fair review as of yet but I’m totally up for giving this serum a whirl.
  • Vita Liberata Skin Respect & Rejuvenating Night Balm- OriginallyΒ I want overly thrilled I got Β this product as I was desperate to try out the Laura Mercier primer but I’m going to eat my words as I’m pleasantly surprised that I actually like this product. The Balm itself to me smelt like oranges, you apply a thick layer of it (like a face mask) and you let the product work its wonders overnight. I’ve got this Balm on right now and what I can see already is that my complexion looks more even and my face looks brighter. The only negative for me is that my face feels a bit greasy but it could be perhaps I put too much product on.




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