Koko Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics πŸ’œ

OMG so I got my Koko Kollection through the mail today and there was noway I was going to leave it a minute longer before trying out these beauties 😍!

In the set you’ll receive three mattes and one gloss called:

  • Damn Gina- This shade is the only gloss in the set and it’s absolutely gorgeous 😍. It’s a lovely shimmery light pink and when the light shine you have the most sparkly lips!

  • Khlos- This shade is named after Khloe herself and it’s a lovely nude colour. In my opinion if Koko & Candy K had a baby then Khlos would be the outcome.

  • Okurrr- Out of all the shades this has to be my least favorite as it’s such a bright pink and I’m not used to wearing colors this intense. What I will say about this shade is that it applies beautifully and it’s not patchy at all.

  • Gorg- I’ve saved my favorite until last as I love the shade Gorg it’s a lovely burgundy colour and it is quite similar to Kylie’s shade Spice. However as much as I love this shade unfortunately it’s very patchy 😦 and I feel like it defiantly needs another layer in order to get the full impact of color.

Just when I feel like I finally got up to date on reviewing all Kylie’s lip-kits last night she finally revealed the holiday collection which will be out on Monday. I love the packaging but for me there are quite a few things I don’t really like and I think the holiday box should be a bundle of all the new products rather then just some of them . What do you guys think?





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