Anna Nicole & Redrum Lipstick Swatch πŸ’‹

Finally I have managed to get my hands on Anna Nicole I have literally wanted this shade since when I first discovered Jeffree Star’s brand. I also got myself Redrum which is so irresistible 😍!

Left-Right: Anna Nicole & Redrum

I’m buzzing that I have these beauties in my lipstick collection (which is getting crazy now πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ) here are my swatches:

  • Anna Nicole- Where can I start with my new baby….it’s a stunning red with an undertone of orange and it’s so pigmented!

  • Redrum- I love this shade so much it’s a bright classic red shade. Yet again Jeffree just nails the formula as it’s so pigmented and you can wear it for ages without it fading away or crumbling.

I feel like I didn’t really capture both shades well at all ( due to shitty lighting) so I’ve swatched them on my hand to show you guys there is s difference between Anna Nicole & Redrum:

Top-Bottom: Anna Nicole & Redrum

With black Friday approaching at the end of the week whose excited for Jeffree Star’s new holiday shades 😍. I’ve got my eye on three shades and the highlighter which I think is called Princess Cut?




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