Kylie Cosmetics: Holiday Collection Part 1.

Finally I’ve gotten my ass into gear and I’ve gotten round to writing my review on Kylie’s holiday collection.ย If I’m honest I have really mixed feelings about this collection as it’s defiantly not my favorite line of products she’s released so far.

First off here is the four piece (full size) matte collection:

Personally I found the shades to be quite similar to some of her previous lip-kits but anyway here are my swatches:

  • Cupid- When I first saw this shade I originally thought it was too similar to the Koko collection shade Dammm Gina but this is more of a warm peachy pink shade. The lip gloss itself is really pigmented and very glittery it’s super cute!

  • Angel- This is my favorite shade out of the four as it’s a really nice dusty rose shade. The formula is great it’s just a pity she didn’t make this shade into a full lip-kit with a matching liner as I’m sure this would be a popular kit.


  • Blitzen-This is my least favorite shade out of the holiday collection as it’s too similar to her shade Spice and it’s so streaky. The formula for her darker shades need to be improved see for yourself below.

  • Noel- I quite like this shade it’s a gold glittery bronze lip-gloss and yet again Kylie’s formula for the lip gloss is bang on. However, I feel like this shade is quite similar to Poppin (from the birthday collection) and I had to layer this several times to get sparkly bronze lips.

Next up is the Kyshadow palette, all these products are infused with diamond powder. I love the packaging as it’s so cute and I’m happy that this pallet has a mirror ๐Ÿ˜†.

All the shades are lush ย but personally I found them to feel a bit rough and not as smooth as her Burgundy palette, here is my swatch:

My next purchase was the two lip glosses, 2 matte lip-kits and the metal. The packaging for the lipsticks are insane! I love the whole concept of being able to hang the boxes on your Christmas tree it’s such a creative idea.

The two matte lip-kits in the collection are:

  • Vixen- I love this shade so much it’s like if Leo & True Brown had a baby this would be the result ๐Ÿ˜‚. The lip liner is slightly lighter then the liquid lipstick but it isn’t a huge problem.

  • Merry- This is a lovely deep red shade which I’m so smitten with and what’s even better is that Kylie created a lip gloss which compliments Merry so well.

Next up is the two lip glosses which I literally can’t fault at all, here they are:

  • Naughty- This shade is a very bright red and I love it. The formula is incredible it’s defiantly got the high shine effect. I really felt that it made my lips look son much fuller as well.

  • Jolly- This is basically the Merry lip-kit in a lip gloss, I love the shade so much and it’s ย so pigmented.

Last of all is the metal lipstick called Dancer which I’m a bit disappointed with as too me it’s feels too similar to Reign ( a previous metal shade) and it took me several times to layer this shade on as it was a bit streaky.

So that’s it for part 1 wooo finally it’s taken me ages to get this review up! I’m still expecting a few more items from Kylie’s holiday collection so keep your eyes peeled on here for part 2 :).




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