Jouer 💜

Quite a while back I discovered the brand Jouer on one of Nikki Tutorials YouTube videos and I became smitten with the lip toppers. After purchasing Skinny Dip & Tan Lines (the post can be found on this link Jouer Lip Toppers ) I knew I needed to expand my collection and try out the long-wear lipsticks.  I purchased the limited edition three piece holiday set and two other shades.


I love the colors from the three piece set they are gorgeous, here are my swatches:

  • Winter Rose- This is the perfect pink nude that has a slight shimmer to it, the color is long-wear and the formula smells delicious!


  • Cranberry- This shade is a very sparkly bright red and it suits it’s name as it’s very similar to a cranberry in color.


  • Clove- This is my favorite shade out of the three as it’s a gorgeous burgundy with plenty of shimmer in it. I love how the formula feels on my lips it’s so light weight!


The other two shades I purchased were:

  • Snapdragon-  I would go as far as to say this shade is one of my all time favorite liquid lipsticks. It is a stunning shimmery, more of a purple magenta lipstick.


  • Filigree – I don’t mind this shade but I feel like I have a lot of shades similar to this one as it’s a light bronze gold and I found with this shade it wasn’t as pigmented as the others.





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