Makeup with moi πŸ˜‹

As some of you might have seen my last posts I’ve been purchasing a serious amount of makeup so instead of just swatching it why not get it on my face πŸ˜†. Here is the finished look:

Here is what I used:

  1. Face:
  • Primer- Instablur by Body Shop, I’ve been using this for years now and it’s great for oily skin as it immediately reduces shine leaving you with a smooth base.
  • Foundation- Urban Decay Naked Skin in shade 3.0, I’ve only recently started using this foundation and so far I don’t have any complaints except that it doesn’t last all day whereas as I’ve used cheaper brands that do.
  • Concealer- I’ve actually used two here first off I start with the Skin Perfecting concealer by Younique in Velour which immediately covers up any skin discolouration,acne or even dark circles. I then use Tarte Tape concealer in shade light/medium which is alright but it’s not my favourite concealer.
  • Highlighter- I’ve used Skin Frost in shade Princess Cut by Jeffree Star. This is one of my newest highlighters and I love love love it! I love the fact it’s so subtle but yet it gives you such a blinding shine as soon as you’re in the natural light!
  • Blusher- I’ve been using the Dandelion blusher by Benefit for a year now and I’ll never convert when it comes to another blusher as this gives your cheeks a subtle rosieness without looking overly done.
  • Makeup Setting- I used my Laura Mercier setting powder  first which gives  insane results it immediately mattes my face and keeps my makeup in lockdown mode πŸ˜‚. I then use the  Urban Decay All Nighter spray to finish off my whole face which gives my makeup that extra protection.

2. Eyes:

  • Eyeshadow primer- I used the Urban Decay  Eye Potion which is great for locking  in my eyeshadow and it helps with bringing out more pigmentation from my eyeshadows.
  • Eyeshadow- I used my newest palette which is The Beauty Killer Palette by Jeffree Star,I love the colours they are stunning! 
  • Mascara- I lengthen my eyelashes with They’re Real Tinted Primer by Benefit and then for volume I used 3D Fibre Lash mascara which is so incredible you’ll never need false lashes again!
  • Eyeliner- For my inner eyes I used The Bright Eye pencil by  Benefit. I’m constantly using this as it makes my eyes look bigger and brighter.

3. Eyebrows:

    • For my eyebrows I use all the Benefit brow collection in shade 3.

    4. Lips:

    • Lip Primer- Before I put any lipstick on I always prep my lips with Jeffree  Star’s lip scrub and I used my new one called Hot Cocoa Peppermint. I love this lip scrubs as they really exfoliate my lips and they smell delicious. I then use Plump It to volumise my lips and I 100% believe this is the next best thing to getting lip fillers.
    • Lipstick- in this picture I’m wearing Kristen by Kylie Cosmetics. I love the formula of her lip pencil and even the matte lipstick it’s a goiegeous Rose pink shade.

    So guys that is the breakdown of the makeup I’ve used, my hands hurt so much after all that typing πŸ˜‚! I’ll try and do more of these perhaps once a month? 



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