Lip Voltage ⚑️

I’ve recently been into buying lip plumpers after my successful results from another brand called Plump It I came across Lip Voltage on Instagram. This retailed at Β£19.99 which was the same at Plump It and every review had claimed this plumper has such dramatic results.

This plumper has seven settings ranging from having the option of just a plumper with no tingling sensation to an intense hot sensation.  Just a little disclaimer I can’t see the apparent seven settings I can only see four so if you have this product please comment and let me know as I’m probably just being stupid lol! 

For the most dramatic plumped lips I read online it’s best to use the hottest sensation which to be honest wasn’t that bad it was just uncomfortable for the first few minutes. Here is the result:

As you can see my lips are defiantly plumped up but a negative for me was that I don’t know why the formula just didn’t seem to hold unlike Plump It. 

I’m going to keep playing around with this product as I feel I need to try other techniques in order to get a true result as such. 


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