Tuff Love πŸ’‹πŸ’”

A while ago I had previously posted about Megan Mckenna’s lipstick range called Mouthy By Megan, at the start of the week she released a new shade called Tuff Love which is described as a warm nude colour. 

The matte lipstick itself is called Tuff Love and the pencil lip liner is called Glacier. I love this shade so much and it’s potentially my new favourite out of all her shades πŸ˜…. Here is the first swatch I took on my hand:

On top is Glacier (lip pencil) and on the bottom is Tuff Love (matte liquid lipstick) as you can see this shade is a gorgeous mauve with a purple undertone. The lip liner is quite shimmered and I feel this time around Megan has made her lip liner more creamy. For me personally I think this is almost the perfect dupe for Kylie Cosmetics shade Posie but Tuff Love is just a shade or so more darker. So if you’re unable to get hold of Kylie’s shade Posie in the Uk (because let’s be honest postage and customs fees are such a bitch) then I think Mouthy By Megan is the most suitable solution and her lipkits really aren’t drying at all!

Here is my lip swatch:





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