The Royal Peach Palette 💕🍑 

Today I recieved my Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics, before I go into detail I just want to put it out there that this palette has a very strong spray paint like smell to it and I’m concerned if this is safe to use? 

I love the whole new look of the Kyshadow packing it’s so much better and it’s bigger 😍. The mirror adds a nice touch to the pallete as well the free complimentary brush. 

I’m literally living for these shades they are gorgeous, this is defiantly my favourite palette she has ever created. However when I went to swatch the colours on my arm about the fifth swatch in my arm started to really itch and I just felt like it wasn’t a good idea to carry on. Here are the shades that I did manage to swatch:

As you can see the pigmentation from these shades are amazing and I haven’t got a bad word to say about them. Although with the smell of the palette and my arm becoming itchy I’m a bit worried to try it out on my eyes 👀 as I never get reactions to any makeup especially from Kylie’s previous palettes.

Let me know what you guys think it if you’ve used the palette and it really is ok 😂🙈.

UPDATE: I emailed Kylie’s customer service team and they have assured me that the palette is 100% safe and the strong smell is due to the eyeshadow being enclosed in the transit. They recommended keeping the palette open for 24-48 hours! 



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