Antique Pink by BellaPierre πŸ’‹

As you guys know I’m so obsessed with lipsticks and I probably have hundreds of the same shade but just by different brands πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. I decided to try  BellaPierre’s matte lipstick which was recommended to me by my sister as her she got the shade Nude and her swatches were insane (they can be seen on our beauty Instagram account: @beautybylandsel ). My sister even swatched the lipstick on her hand and ran water over it whilst trying to wipe it off and it literally didn’t budge or even smudge (the video is also on our page)!

After seeing her results I knew I needed a lipstick like this in my collection as with most matte lipsticks as soon as you drink or sat they tend not to last long.

My fist thoughts when I recieved my lipstick was that the shade Antique Rose was a nice mauve colour and I was so eager to get it on my lips plus it smells like sweets too 😍. The lipstick also has a long applicator which makes it easier to handle but I found the flock to be quite basic. I would’ve liked to have a flock that is similar to Jeffree Star’s lipsticks as you really can create a better shape with the lips. Here is my swatch:

First off I love love the shade but if I’m going to be a 100% honest the lipstick didn’t last long at all which I can work out why :/. After seeing my sister trying to scrub hers off and it not budging I’m so disappointed with mine :(! It’s such a shame because the lipstick is such a nice colour and it felt so lightweight on my lips. However my sister had completely different result to me so perhaps it might be because my shade was darker :/? 




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