Bombay Hair-EverRose Gold Curling Tongs πŸ˜πŸ’•

Recently on Instagram I’ve been seeing so many reality stars post about Bombay Hair’s new Rose Gold curling tongs that have a clamp to make it easier keep your hair in place whilst curling it. The barrel is 32mm which is fairly big which means the more bouncer and luxurious curls 😍. 

The curling tongs have a max temperature of 230 degrees and even comes with a glove so you don’t end up burning yourself. Overall I wouldn’t liked the tongs to heat up a bit quicker but other then that I’m so happy with the results as my curls didn’t drop and  stayed in for nearly two days! Check out my results:

The curling tong is Β£89 but like I stated above if you find a celebrity affiliate then you can actually get yourself a 50% discount meaning they are only Β£44.50 😍. 




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