Recently I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency which has caused me to have some not so pleasant symptoms. After doing some research I discovered VITL which is a company that  delivers vitamins to your door and it’s so hassle free. Another positive about VITL is that they have their own app which asks you a series of questions about your health and viola five minutes later they have pre prepared your box full of vitamins and tell you exactly what you need!

Before I purchased my personalised box I decided to do a 14 day trial of a box that contained immunity multivitamin, omega-3, co-enzyme q10 and supergreens vitality. I recieved my order from vitl today and each strip as the day of  the week on it to remind you to take it daily, if you have the app they also send you reminders it’s fantastic!

I took my first strip today so it’s a bit early to feel the full benefits of the vitamin box but if I get positive results in the next 14 days then I’ll defiantly be purchasing my personalised box. 

If your interested in purchasing a box then I have a unique code which allows you to recieve Β£20 off your first box which is: EswlMLVh .



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