Gel Nail Course 💕

Yesterday me and my friend went to Norwich to do a gel nail course. We covered how to do a manicure, gel polish and even nail art! I found the course so enlightening and I didn’t realise how much prep and work goes into nail work. I loved the nail art part of the course most as what girl doesn’t love a bit of sparkle on their nails?!  Another part of the course I enjoyed was learning about how it’s vital to really prep the nails before doing any treatment and now I finally know how to remove cuticles correctly 😂.

Here is my practice hand where I was creating some pretty funky nail art:

Our teacher Debi was absolutely fantastic as she made the whole experience so enjoyable and relaxing. If you are from Norwich (Norfolk)  or surrounding areas then I defiantly recommend you check her page out as she holds a range of different courses at The Nail Centre

Plus the course was even better because me and my friend both PASSED 💜!





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