Valentines by Kylie Cosmetics πŸ’•

Today I finally got my Kylie Cosmetics valentine collection bits. I only order myself the mini mattes, kylie’s diary and head over heels Lipkit :). First off here are the mini mattes:

In the mini matt set there are three new shades which are:

  • Apricot- this is coral shade which to me is quite similar to Kylie’s shade Dirty Peach.
  • High Maintenance- this is a gorgeous pink mauve shade and I would love to see this lip shade in Kylie’s permanent collection.
  • Head Over Heels- I love this shade it’s like if Posie had an older sister then Head Over Heels would be it. It’s a dark mauve shade and I’m literally obsessed with this beauty. 

Kylie also made Head Over Heels into a full size lipkit here is my lip swatch:

Last but not least is my favourite item from the valentine collection which is Kylie’s Diary. This consists of 9 eyeshadows and two blushers. I literally cannot fault the blushes in this palette but when I tried to swatch them on my arm I didn’t get a decent colour. However when I applied the blusher to my cheeks I was amazed out how much the colour came through. I’m so obsessed with the shades in this palette but I feel like the overall quality of the eyeshadows could be better as there is a lot of fall out with most of the colours and I feel the shimmer shades could be more pigmented. Here is my swatch: 



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