Cohorted: February 2017

So I’ve finally received my February edition of The Cohorted Box and to be honest I’m pretty pissed off.  For the past three months I have received a Clarins product, I was really hoping for a bit of a break from that brand with this box. I’m personally not a huge lover of Clarins as in October I got a lipstick, December was a lip liner, January was an almost identical lipstick to the one in December’s box and now in February I’ve got a eyeliner 😭. 

Overall this months box has a value of Β£102. In   my box I received:

  • Studio 10 Visible Lift Face Definer RRP Β£30- I’m so obsessed with this little palette it’s insanely gorgeous. I love the creamy highlighter which actually leaves you with a soft powdery finish. 
  • Kure Bazaar Nail Polish RRP Β£15- I’m very intrigued by this nail polish as it’s eco friendly with 85% off it’s ingredients being sourced naturally. I got a lovely rose pink shade and I can’t wait to test it out as at the moment I can’t because I’ve got gels on my nails πŸ˜‚.
  • Doucce Click Click Lipstick RRP Β£19- I love Doucce and this is one of the reasons I love the Cohorted beauty box because I don’t think I would’ve ever come across this brand . I got a lovely deep red lipstick and it has a highly pigmented sheer with a  creamy finish to it. It also has a unique and modern ‘click’ mechanism which ensures that the lipstick stays closed whilst not in use.
  • Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow Quad RRP Β£26- I love these stunning eyeshadows they are insanlely pigmented. My only gripe would be that for the price these are way too expensive as they are so small and you’re not really getting a great deal of value for your money.
  • Clarins Long Lasting Kohl Pencil in Bronze RRP Β£17.50- To be honest I really don’t like clarins so I haven’t even swathed this eye pencil because I’m just going to sell it on.

Overall I would rate this box 6/10 I think it would be nice to get a variety of different brands in one box rather the same ones every month or having multiple products from one brand if that makes sense πŸ˜‚? I’m in two minds about carrying on with this beauty box because there have been several boxes that have completely blown my mind but recently this box has really been lacking for me so I don’t know what to do!



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