My Holy Grail Skincare 😍

For the last two weeks I’ve had numerous compliments about how flawless  my skin and how fresh it looks. After recently changing my skincare products I’m 100% sure it’s down to L’Oréal’s new skincare range.

I started off with the Pure Clay Glow Mask which is absolutely fantastic! This mask only needs to be used 2-3 times a week and after he first use I noticed a complete change in my complexion. The mask really exfoliated my skin leaving my face feeling so soft and it had such a lovely glow to it! 

After my great results with the face mask I was delighted that L’Oréal had extended the range and made a matching face scrub 😍. I like the fact the bottle has 150ml and for the price I think it’s more then reasonable. The scrub is made up of three types of clay and red algae which is great for your skin. 

I’m so thrilled with how my skin is looking and since using L’Oréal I haven’t even had a breakout at all and I wear loads of makeup so I’m prone to getting a few spots! I would love to see L’Oréal extend this range even further and I really can’t recommend these products enough! Also L’Oréal have other masks/scrubs that in their new skin care range for dry and oily skin so it’s worth checking it out 🙂



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