Iconic London 💕

After hearing so much about Iconic London on numerous  celebrities instagram accounts I decided finally to take the plunge and purchase something from their range. I treated myself to the illuminator and brush cleanser.

I used the brush cleanser earlier and I was pleasantly surprised for £12.99 it done a fantastic job of making my brushes so clean 😍. 

Now onto the best part the illuminator , this retailed at £29.99 and to be honest I’m not impressed with the size of the product it’s tiny! However I’m not going to grumble too much because the product worked, here is my swatch:

I love this highlighter it’s so cute! I only applied three small dots and look how much coverage I got and it’s so pigmented! As much as I love the illuminator in hindsight I wouldn’t have paid more then £20 for this as to me this isn’t a high end brand and therefore this brand doesn’t need to charge £29.99 for the smallest pot of “illuminator”. 



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