Palmers Beauty Bundle 😍

I want to start off this post by thanking Palmers for sending me the ultimate beauty bundle 😍. 

I’m beyond thrilled with all these products, here is my detailed review on each product:

  • Magnitone Wipe Out Cloth- this cloth is literally my new holy grail as it removes all my makeup with just the use of warm water! The cloth is so soft and if I knew a product like this had existed I would’ve saved a fortune on cleanser and another bonus is that the cloth is reusable which is proves to be very cost efficient! 
  • Cocoa Body Scrub- I’m a firm believer that it is important to exfoliate at least one a week in order to remove all those dead skin cells. I’m quite satisfied with the body scrub as it left my skin feelinf very soft and replenished but for me I felt the smell was a bit overpowering.
  • Foot Magic Scrub- When I used this product I didn’t really feel like the scrub was any different to the body one as it gave the same kind of results so really I didn’t need to use this. 
  • Raw Shea Lotion- I’m so obsessed with this body lotion as I haven’t stopped using it since I received it. My skin feels like silk and it has a long lasting fragrance which smells so nice 😍!
  • Coconut Deep Conditioning Protein Oil- As I wear hair extensions it’s so important that I looo after them and keep them in perfect condition. I’ve never really found a decent  hair mask other then using Superdrug’s own brand of coconut oil until I used the coconut deep conditioning protein oil. Firstly you can use this two ways by either leaving it on for 20 minutes shampooing or leave this on overnight which is what I opted for. I cannot believe how shiny and super smooth my hair is I’m so thrilled! Also, I found the product washed out my hair really well too! 
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Jar- I love this solid formula as it literally melts as soon as it’s in your hands! I put this on at night time as it’s quite oily and I like the fact it has all night to really soak into my skin. I’ve been using this for the last few nights and I can a huge different in my skin as to me it looks more even and smooth.
  • Flip Balm- I haven’t used this yet but I’m sure it’ll be good as in the past I’ve used the cocoa lip balm and it was really hydrating.



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