Rose Gold by Jouer 🌹 

I was so thrilled when I first saw that Jouer was releasing a rose gold range I actually stalked every photo they posted because I was immediately hooked 😍. I love rose gold and Jouer have done a fantastic job when it came to creating the range which included:

  • Rose Gold Highlighter
  • Rose Gold Lip Topper
  • Rose Gold Liquid Lipstick 

As you guys can probably guess I only ended up buying the lipsticks because like I’ve said in previous posts I’m a lipstick junkie πŸ˜‚. I will get the highlighter when I next get paid because it’s so gorgeous! 

Anyway here are my lip swatches:

  • Rose Gold Lipstick 

  • Rose Gold Lip Topper

  • Rose Gold Lipstick & Lip Topper Combined 😍

Ok so how cute is the Rose Gold lip range like I’m seriously hooked 😍.  I’ve done so many posts on Jouer’s lipsticks so until I’m unsatisfied with the formula or it changes I’m not going to go into masses of detail about formula.  Although I really do recommend Jouer they have the nicest shades of lipsticks and this new rose gold one is now a firm favourite in my collection! 



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