KKW x Kylie Cosmetics πŸ‘„

Finally my creme lipsticks from KKW x Kylie Cosmetics has arrived and it feels like I’ve been waiting a life time for them to appear 😭!! 

Anyhow I’m totally smitten with them I love the packaging it’s so matte and it’s feels so luxurious 😍.  

The KKW collection contains some of the most beautiful nude shades I have ever seen on the makeup market and offers a sheer -medium coverage which you can keep building up to reach your desired look.  The  set contains four creme lipsticks which are:

  • Kimberly- this is what I class as a “true nude” and has a pinky beige undertone.

  • Kim- this is more of a peachy nude and is lighter  compared to the other shades.

  • Kiki- this is a pinky nude and almost has a coral undertone to it. However this is one of my favourite shades out of the collection.

  • Kimmie- This is the darkest shade out of the collection and it is what I would class as a dark nude. 

Overall I love the shades as who doesn’t love a great nude lipstick but if you are looking for something long wear then these creme lipsticks aren’t for you. Another grumble for this formula is that because they are quite sheer you have to at least put on two layers of the lipstick to get even coverage.

 Plus they transfer so easily but then again they aren’t a matte lipstick so what do you expect. However, one positive about the formula is that I found them to be quite hydrating on my lips which is nice because I wear mattes I often get dry lips.




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