I’m In Love With The Koko πŸ˜˜πŸ‘„

Kylie has done it again and has absolute smashed her second collaboration with her sister Khloe Kardashian and in my opinion this is one of the best ranges/collaboration that kylie has released yet.  The range this time round consists of a face palette and another liquid lipstick set. 

The liquid lipstick set consists of three matte lipsticks and one lip gloss, here are my swatches:

  • Sugar Plum (lip gloss)-  this lip gloss is absolutely stunning and it’s a gorgeous soft shimmering midtone nude. I love the formula of all Kylie’s lip glosses and I find them always to be consistent.

  • Baby Girl- I’m so obsessed with orange and coral shades for the summer and Baby Girl meets all needs 😍. It is a beautiful warm coral that had such a high pigmentation.

  • Bunny- In the Koko collection Bunny has to be my least favourite in the set, it’s a cool midtone mauve. 

  • Doll- this is my favourite shade out of the set and as soon as I saw the swatches for Doll I was completely sold! Doll is a true bright tangerine shade and it’s literally going to be my go to shade for the summer!

Next up is the face palette which in my opinion is amazing! The Koko face palette consists of:

  •  Rodeo- which is the powder blush that is a warm pink satin shade.
  • Troop Beverly Hills- this is one of the two highlighting shades and it’s soft shimmering gold.
  • 90210- this is the second highlighting shade in the palette and it’s a lovely shimmering golden peach.
  • Hollywood Blvd- this is a satin medium bronzer and I love love love it! 

The Koko Kollection Face Palette contains 1 Satin Powder Blush, 2 Pressed Illuminating Powders and 1 Matte Pressed Powder Bronzer:
Rodeo Drive is a warm pink satin.
Troop Beverly Hills is a shimmering soft gold.
90210 is a shimmering golden peach.
Hollywood Blvd is a satin medium bronze.

I absolutely loved this collaboration and my favourite products from this range would have to be Doll and the bronzer! As I review a lot of Kylie’s products I don’t tend to go on about her formula’s because to me it’s either consistent or it just gets better eveytime :)! 



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