Get Lippy with Primark πŸ‘„πŸ¦„

The other day I was in Primark and I saw these really cool lip kits, I was so intruiged by the holographic collection and I ended up purchasing the shade Fantasy.

The set comes with a holographic lip liner, lip gloss & glitter. I think the set was about Β£3 I can’t remember now but I know it was reasonably cheap. 

My first gripe about the product is that it contained no instructions so I wasn’t sure whether to apply the glitter before the lip gloss or after :/. 

First I applied the lip liner followed by the gloss which was so thick in texture and it didn’t feel too pleasant on my lips. I then decided to apply the glitter which really gave my lips the holographic effect which was super cute! Check out my results below:

I didn’t expect the lip gloss to be resistant against eating or drinking as it’s not a matte effect lipstick. 

I guess on the price perspective this is a good purchase because it’s so cheap but bare in mind you get what you pay for. 

Overall I don’t think I would purchase this again because I didn’t like the texture of the gloss and although the glitter did give me a copl holographic effect it just felt so bitty on my lips.



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