Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition Pt.2

Finally I’ve received my last order from Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition and I can’t wait to show you guys ☺️. On the second restock I maneged to get:

  • Take Me On Vacation eyeshadow palette
  • June Bug Lip kit 
  • Glitz lip gloss 
  • Ultra Glow in the shade Fiji 

I really wanted to get my hands on the Wet Set and I’m considering buying one off eBay even though they are more expensive but it kind of makes sense as time you’ve paid postage and custom fees it actually works out slightly cheaper! 

Anyway I don’t actually know what product to review/swatch first so let’s start with the Take Me On Vacation eyeshadow palette which constians sixteen pressed powder eye shadows.

As you can see the shades are smaller in the palette as there are so many! If I’m going to be 100% honest I’m a bit on the fence about this palette as I love the shades but there is something about the palette I don’t like but I can’t quite work out why πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. 

The shades seem to blend nicely together and I will say the colours are quite pigmented. Although I noticed that some shades were better then the others which is because there are some shades that have  had different formulas. Here is my swatch:

Next up is the gorgeous limited edition lip kit June Bug which is a gorgeous vibrant purple and it’s literally perfect πŸ’œ. 

I love the shade and I’m so glad I purchased it, I really hope Kylie makes this a permanent lip kit in her range! June Bug is so pigmented so just be warned this will stain your lips which can be a positive as it doesn’t budge!

Here is my lip swatch:

Normally I’m not too keen on Kylie’s lipglosses and I rarely buy there but there was something about Glitz that I just couldn’t resist. 

Glitz is a shimmering peachy gold and it’s so sparkly 😍. Here is my lip swatch:

Last but not least is the Ultra Glow in the shade Fiji. 

The shade Fiji is a shimmering soft gold, it is so pigmented but it literally goes everywhere as you can see in the photo above 😩.  

When I swatched Fiji on my arm it was so beautiful but it soon rubbed off so I’m hoping when I do use it on my face it won’t smudge. Here is my swatch:

I’m hoping Kylie will restock the Vacation collection at least one more time as I really want to get the Wet Set as I’ve seen so many gorgeous swatches I feel like my makeup collection isn’t complete without it πŸ˜‚. 



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