💛☕️Coffee Scrub Sydney ☕️💛

Recently I received some mini samples of body & face coffee scrub from Coffee Scrub Sydney.  The company is based in Sydney (Australia) and with their products being freshly handcrafted in their workshop, each full sized pack retails at $24.95.

I’m a huge lover of coffee scrubs as they are so good for your skin it’s unreal and I loved the variety of scents I received too! 
The first scent I sampled was the coconut oil and it simply smelt divine. Once my skin was wet I applied the scrub in circular motions to get rid of all those dead skin cells, then I rinsed it off and my skin was super soft.

Another positive about this scrub is that it doesn’t stain your skin and after using this for a week I’ve noticed a serious reduction in my stretch marks as well as an overall improvement on the appearance of my skin!

I can’t recommend this scrub enough and I really believe coffee scrubs are the way forward, seriously think of all the money we spend on different products to give us great results but why do that when you can get all these great benefits from one product?! 



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