Makeup Brush Cleaner Disaster πŸ˜“

On Facebook I saw an advert pop up about an electric makeup brush cleaner which in my opinion (at the time) looked epic! The machine retailed for Β£50 but I managed to get one off eBay which was completely identical for Β£10!

Who wouldn’t want their makeup brushes cleaned and dried in seconds?!

The kit contains:

  • Brush Spinner 
  • Attachment spindle 
  • Brush Spinner Bowl 
  • Silicone seal and splash guard’neck’ 
  • 8 Brush Collars(different sizes) 
  • Instructions 

When using this little gizmo it was pretty self explanatory and stupidly I decided to use one of my best blending brushes to clean first πŸ˜©πŸ™ˆ. First I put some cleanser into the bowl and then I attached my brush to the spinner and off I went! I held the brush into the cleanser for ten seconds and then I lifted  it slightly above the cleanser and spun it again for another ten seconds to dry it. 

When I took my brush out of the bowl I was mortified as you can see for yourself why:

For starters the machine barely cleaned my brush but I will admit it did completely dry, but look at the state of it :(!  All the bristles are now sparse and I have one ducked up blending brush πŸ˜–.
I think the whole concept of this idea was epic but when it came down to using the machine it was a complete pile of crap, please anyone who reads this post avoid this machine at all costs!



5 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Cleaner Disaster πŸ˜“

      1. I agree! I hate how people would buy this, and it was awful yet still write a really good review on it! So glad I have read this xo


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