Kylie Cosmetics- Birthday Edition 2017 πŸŽ‚

Finally my order from Kylie Cosmetics arrived and it feels like I’ve been waiting months to get my order 😩. Just like last year Kylie has created a new range to celebrate her birthday (which has just been) and this year the obvious theme was very girly and pink. 

When I saw the range nothing really majorly stood out for me except the lip glosses and the new matte lip kit. Personally I was disappointed that Kylie keeps making minis with lipkits I already I have and I would’ve been much happier if she just put all the new shades in a bundle because I don’t want to buy one of the sets just for two new shades. 

In the end I only ended up buying Cupcake (lip gloss) and 20 (matte lip kit). 

I prefer this years packaging compared to last years as I think it’s super pretty and glitzy. 

Here are my swatches:

  • Cupcake- this is a warm soft peachy pink and I absolutely love this shade! This is literally my favourite lip gloss out of all the glosses kylie has ever released it’s super cute! 

  • 20-  this is a mid-tone Rose brown and yet again I love this shade too! It’s like a darker version of Candy K and it’s so pigmented!

Overall I was happy with the products I’ve orders and I’m kinda tempted to get the eyeshadow pallete (please comment below if you’ve got it I want to know what’s it is like). Also I noticed on Depop people are now selling the minis separately so I might even pick up some of the shades I don’t have. 

I would like to see June Bug, 20 and Cupcake kept permanently as they are such pretty shades and they are completely different to the rest of her collection!



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