Kylie Cosmetics-Birthday Edition 2017 Pt.2 πŸŽ‰

I mentioned in a previous post that I was tempted to purchase some more bits from Kylie’s birthday collection. I was so chuffed when Kylie decided to have a summer sale so I managed to get my hands on the All I Want eyeshadow pallete and the mini Velvets Lipstick Set with each having 20% off them.

First off I absolutely love the packaging it’s so cute and girly, the All I Want eyeshadow palette looks super adorable and I love the nice range shades too.

In the palette there are nine eyeshadows,  one blusher and one highlighter. Here is my swatch of the eyeshadows:

I’m going to be honest I didn’t use Primer for my swatches as I want to show how the product really looks without it. I’m very disappointed with the eyeshadows as don’t feel like they were pigmented except the shade New Year New Me. 

Here is my swatch of the blusher and highlighter:

I love love love Cheers and Confetti they are super pigmented and I love the creamy formula. Cheers is a matte light pink and Confetti is a shimmering light pink, when they are paired together they make the perfect combination. 

Next up is the mini Velvet Lipstick Set which contains six shades that are in Kylie’s Velvet formula. 

I’ve only swatched four shades as I already have two of the shades in the set and they can be seen on The Vacation Collection Pt.1

Anyway the shades I swatched the set are:

  • LA- a light nude peach 
  • Party Girl- a bright hot coral 
  • Sprinkle- a vibrant plum 
  • Surprise Me- a bright fuchsia

Here are my lip swatches:

Out of the four shades I really like Sprinkle and Surprise Me. However I feel like LA is too light for my complexion and I’m not overly keen on Party Girl as it’s so bright and I think you’d see me from Mars with that shade on πŸ˜‚.

Overall this collection had some bits but for me unfortunately a lot more misses. I loved the blusher, highlighter, the 20 lipkit and two of the shades from the mini Velvet set but I feel so let down with the eyeshadows in the All I Want palette. 



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