πŸ’šMy Roots Double Effect Experience πŸ’š

Not long ago I was sent a a full treatment pack by Roots courtesy of Notion PR πŸ˜. The treatment pack was for sensitive scalps and promotes hair growth as well as stronger, thicker hair.

The set retails for Β£24.99 which I think considering the wonders this has done for my hair is actually inexpensive. 

My poor hair has really been abused over the years due to constant heat damage, colouring and now even hair extensions. I’ve been struggling to find a product that could fix my hair and stop the irritation on my scalp.

 When having hair extensions the glue and the weight of the hair can cause irritation to the scalp and I found since using the intensive spray and shampoo my scalp has no longer felt dry and irritated. 

As I’ve only been using the hair growth conditioner for a couple of weeks it’s bit soon to say whether I’ve noticed any hair growth plus I’ve got hair extensions so it’s going to be a bit difficult to tell πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. However what I have noticed that my limp hair has become seriously thicker and overall looks so shiny/healthy. Check it out below:

Overall I would recommend the Roots treatment packs as they’ve got a nice range you can choose from to fix whatever your hair dilemma is! Plus you don’t have to buy the sets you can actually mix and match or buy the products individually.                             



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